Yellow Vomiting, This Is the Cause and How to Overcome It

Vomiting is a common complaint for all people. But what if the vomit is yellow, greenish, and feels bitter in the mouth? Is colored vomiting a dangerous condition? Check out the following explanation. Vomiting is a condition of the body when forcibly removing stomach contents through the mouth. Before vomiting, you will generally experience nausea which makes the body uncomfortable. In some cases, vomit contents can be yellow or greenish yellow. Causes of Yellow Vomiting Some possibilities that can cause complaints of vomiting are yellow, including: Bile reflux or bile reflux Under normal circumstances, bile along with pancreatic enzymes are released into the duodenum to aid digestion. The cause of yellow vomiting generally occurs when the bile produced by the liver is channeled back into the stomach and esophagus, so that it is vomited with the contents of the stomach. Bile causes the vomit contents to turn greenish yellow. This condition is more common in people with acid
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